The Top 7 Employee Incentive Gifts Categories

Many companies mistakenly assume that pay and benefits will improve business results.   Unfortunately this is not the case because comparable pay and benefits are typically treated by employees as “entitlements”.    Since most employees view them as such it is difficult, if not impossible, to increase business performance using pay and benefits. It takes a more focused effort to provide that little something extra to get employees to stretch their performance.

In order to reach a higher level of employee satisfaction, retention, and productivity, it is best to find methods to say “thank you” in special ways. That’s where employee incentives come in.
There a number of different incentive plans to choose from and before designing your incentive program, you should seek input from you workforce about what things they value most.   In some plans rewards are totally individually based and others have a team perspective.  Others have a combination of both reward types.
Every company culture is a little different but we have found the following 7 employee incentive gifts categories to be the most prevalent across many industries.
1. Gift certificates/gift cards
2. Electronic items
a. Cameras and accessories
b. Computers, software, and accessories
c. Home entertainment
d. Telephone related including cell phones
3. Trophies and Plaques
4. Watches and Clocks
5. Apparel including accessories
6. Food and beverage
7. Home/Garden/Garage and accessories

Although it is not exclusive, this list should give you some ideas about possible employee incentive gifts. There are lots of third-party incentive companies that can assist you in designing and administrating an incentive program. Don’t worry, there are plans to fit every size company budget.
If you want to increase employee productivity, increase retention, and motivate your employees to reach the next level, then implementing a company incentive program is a great first step.

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